Package iglu.util

A set of general purpose utilities.


Interface Summary
ObjectPager An interface for ObjectPagers.
VSMEventListener An event listener for ActiveValueSortedMaps

Class Summary
ActiveValueSortedMap A value sorted map that issues events.
Base64 Basically, the problem is that sometimes you want to store binary objects where you only have text storage facilities.
CalendarParser Takes a date string, figures out what its format it, and tell you the month, date, and year numbers.
CommandLineParser A command line parser for applications.
Debug Provides tools for debugging programs.
Environment For reading environment variables.
FileBTree A B-Tree index file which contains both the index and the data which the index points to.
FileLookup FileLookup creates a lookup table (map) from a delimited file.
FileObjectPager A file back cache which uses a least-recently-used algorithm for swapping objects out to disk.
IgluGregCalendar A simple decendant of GregorianCalendar that can give a string in "American" date format.
IOTools This class provides some helper procedures to make IO a bit simpler.
Looper2D A convienent way to iterate through a 2-dimensional array.
NumberUtils A collection of useful numerical utilities.
ObjectValuePair A mapping of an object to some value or score.
PagedLinkedList Implements most of a linked list, but pages the objects out to the ObjectPager.
RAFInputStream An input stream wrapper for RandomAccessfiles
RAFOutputStream An OutputStream wrapper for RandomAccessFiles
RAMObjectPager A simple implementation of ObjectPager which does no paging.
Sequence Implements an automatic sequence of integers.
SetTools Provides utility methods for dealing with Sets.
Stack A simple stack.
StringTools Provides utility methods for dealing with Strings.
StringUtil Deprecated. Use StringTools instead.
TagTokenizer Like StringTokenizer, but uses strings, rather than characters, as tokens.
TextFileProcessor Basic functionality for classes that perform a pass on a text file.
UniqueIds A simple class to provide unique ids.
ValueSortedMap Holds an mapping between objects and their values, ordered by value.
ValueSortedMapTableModel A TableModel for displaying term vectors in a JTable.
VSMEvent An event for ValueSortedMaps
VSMUtils Some utilities for doing manipulating ValueSortedMaps.
WashingFilterInputStream Filters control characters and high-bit characters from an input stream.

Exception Summary
NotImplementedException An exception that should be thrown by methods that haven't been fully implemented.

Package iglu.util Description

A set of general purpose utilities.