Package iglu.polka

A set of extensions of the javax.swing package.


Interface Summary
DataChangeListener An interface to describe a class to be called when graph data is changed.

Class Summary
GraphData2D A collection of data for a two-dimensional graph.
PAbstractCascadingColumn An interface for columns in a cascading column user interface.
PCascadingColumnPanel A class for providing a panel of cascading columns for information navigation.
PDateRange A component which allows the user to choose a beginning and an ending date.
PDateRange.RangeChangeEvent What the range change listeners will get when a range changes
PDateRange.RangeChangeListener The listener to add to indicate what to do when the range changes
PHistoryComboBox This is a ComboBox whose items are strings the user has previously entered.
PLineGraph Draw 2D data sets.
PQuestionPanel A class to display a questionnaire with two columns.
PRangeRadioButton Provides a set of radio buttons, letting the user choose a number between one and highValue.
PTextField A Text field that, when receiving permenant focus, highlights all the text in the field.

Exception Summary

Package iglu.polka Description

A set of extensions of the javax.swing package.