IGLU-Java overview



IGLU-Java is a java class library for doing information retrieval research. It is being developed by Travis Bauer and Ryan Scherle while graduate students in Computer Science at Indiana Universitay in Bloomington. It is designed to provide basic implementations of various standard IR tools. It is a toolbox for building IR system. Being designed for research purposes, it is built first for flexibility and ease of use, second for speed.

IGLU-Java current contains the following tools:

  • Frameworks for representing
    • Document
    • Document Sets
    • Search Engines
  • Framework for conducting Precision/Recall Experiments
  • Inverted Indices/Basic Search Engine parts
  • Vector Creators for generating vector-based indices from documents
  • Utilities for Internet and database, and file access

IGLU-Java is in regular use and is currently being updated and further developed. It's development started in 1999. The codebase was moved to SourceForge in 2002. It is released under an Apache-style license.


IGLU is currently being developed in Java 1.4. Most (maybe all) of it will work in earlier versions of java, but future development will not seek to maintain backward compatibility. If you want to compile it, Ant scripts are included in the source download.

For more information, contact Travis at trbauer@users.sourceforge.net

Last modified: Dec 11, 2002

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